The Greatest Obstacle to Philippine Progress

The Greatest Obstacle to Philippine Progress

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
The alleged Vice President of the Philippines and her staff are an obstruction to our progress. Her very presence on site, online or in mainstream media threatens to send us ricocheting back to a narco-state with calloused, inactive and unresponsive public servants.
1) As an impotent alleged VP, she is preventing changes that will benefit Filipinos who belong to the fringes of society. Her brief stint as HUDCC chair has revealed that no amount of PR and portfolio padding can convince the public that she did anything beyond talk in her office. Today, days after the forecast and landfall of the typhoon Nina, her glaring absence in the Philippines and more especially, on the site of her main constituency, Bicol, which was heavily ravaged by the storm is being creatively hidden by outright lies from mainstream media and the rest of her team.
Let us always remember that in December 2016 Loida Nicolas-Lewis and the Filipinos both beckoned to Leni Robredo. She hearkened to the Filipino billionaire and left her constituents behind. Who does she really serve?
2) As the head of the opposition, she is promoting divisiveness and anarchy in government. Since the inauguration of President Duterte, she has been going to the media with schemes and malice. There was nary a moment of support and commonality. Even when projects, programs and policies are directly for the poor, the disenfranchised and the needy, she would be disagreeable and ill-disposed. If the ordinary Filipinos are not enough of a reason to unite under one banner, what does it really take?
Until the possibility that Leni Robredo may replace President Duterte exists, we will never have peace and a free-flow of progress. Her presence is constipating the positive changes that are destined to happen under PDu30.
The money being funneled into mainstream and social media that aggrandize the painfully incompetent Leni Robredo while denigrating the assiduous President Duterte must be staggering. The local and international media are awash with this narrative.
It is up to every single determined and vigilant Filipino to fight for our country. Obstacle or not, President Duterte will continue what he has started. We should be there with him at every step.

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