GRP, NDFP forge interim joint ceasefire deal

GRP, NDFP forge interim joint ceasefire deal

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Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chair Jose Maria Sison (left) and Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza at the opening ceremony of the fourth round of GRP-NDFP talks in Noordwijk, The Netherlands on April 3, 2017

MANILA, April 5, 2017 (PNA) — The peace panels of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) sealed an agreement on an interim joint ceasefire, leading to a comprehensive settlement of the 48-year insurgency.

Chief Peace negotiator and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III today said both parties also moved fast to conclude provisions on a draft Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER) meant to address the root causes of the armed conflict.

The fourth round of talks, scheduled on April 2 in The Netherlands, was delayed by one day after President Rodrigo Duterte talked to the GRP panel to lay down four conditions:

  1. the immediate release of captured police and military personnel;
  2. the signing of a bilateral ceasefire agreement;
  3. a stop to the alleged extortion activities of rebels; and
  4. the non-recognition of any territorial claim made by the communists.

The ceasefire takes effect as soon as the guidelines and ground rules are approved.

The guidelines will govern such areas as:

  • the presence of armed groups in local communities
  • creation of buffer zones
  • prohibited, hostile, and provocative acts, including the collection of revolutionary taxes
  • undertaking of joint socio-economic projects.

Also contemplated in the agreement is the formation of a Joint Ceasefire Committee and the prospective role of a third party in ceasefire monitoring and other ceasefire mechanisms in the implementation of the ceasefire, including the handling of complaints and alleged violations.

“Matters regarding a single government authority and taxation shall be discussed and resolved in forging the Comprehensive Agreement on Political and Constitutional Reforms within the framework of the proposed Federal Republic of the Philippines,” the joint agreement stated.

“The Joint Ceasefire Agreement shall be deemed interim until a permanent ceasefire agreement is forged pursuant to a Comprehensive Agreement on End of Hostilities and Disposition of Forces,” the agreement further provided.

The agreement was hammered out following marathon informal conversations among the panel members.

At the opening of the formal talks on Monday, Bello welcomed the openness of the NDF “to forge an agreement on joint interim ceasefire that will accompany our peace negotiations throughout, a ceasefire that marches in step with the discussion of the socio-economic reforms that will address the root causes of armed conflict.”

A separate formal meeting is also set today (Wednesday Netherlands time) to harmonize provisions on the draft CASER which provides, among others, free distribution of land to landless farmers. (Sammy F. Martin/PNA)

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