Of heroism, and freedom of expression

Of heroism, and freedom of expression

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I was told that the mag cover of Leni Robredo under the banner ‘Bayani’ that I posted yesterday is the Philippine Science High School project of Jillian Robredo. My son, who also studies in Pisay told me this.

I never said this was an official mag. I was told it was but I left that part open to being corrected because I wasn’t sure if it truly was. And in fact, I expressed my desperate hope that all this was was a joke. A spoof mag.

Turns out this is a school project. And I am not taking it down. Nor am I apologizing for it.

My children, as Jillian Robredo, are scholars of our country’s top science high school, the Philippine Science High School.

They owe their education –a top rate one, may I add–to the Filipino people. And I am deeply grateful for all of you who have made this possible. Pisay is my children’s fertile ground where they have bloomed and evolved quite well—as it is for thousands of kids.

It really takes a village to raise a child.

And just as this village has stepped up to raise my children, so am I stepping up in doing my share in educating my children and other people’s children about our democratic processes.

Jillian Robredo can hardly be faulted for thinking her mother a heroine. Don’t all mothers wish their children thought of them as heroines?

But see, Jillian Robredo’s mother is not just an ordinary citizen that she holds up for her classmates–our top scholars– to see as a heroine. Leni Robredo is the country’s most powerful woman– our Vice President, no less.

And her abysmal performance as public official needs to be called out.

Still Jillian Robredo is within her rights to think her mother as VP is exceptional. A heroine, no less.

Just as we are within our rights to express what we think of the VP who happens to be her mother.

You say, but this is merely a school project.

And I say, all the more we should take this on because these are our children we are talking about. Our country’s most important resource. All the more we should educate them.

Also, this is Philippine Science High School. Our country’s top scholars, where our leaders come from. To whom much is given, much is expected, right?

At the very least, we owe these kids a clearer definition of what constitutes ‘heroism’.

And we owe these kids a clearer picture of how freedom of expression—one of the bedrocks of a vibrant democracy–works.

So there. Now get off my back, you ninnies. I hope that clarifies things for you.


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