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Just so you know, the Inquirer will be compiling a list of suspected drug suspects which this newspaper said are “the casualties in the Duterte administration’s war on crime.”

The list is very misleading, VERY IRRESPONSIBLE, and because Inquirer is doing this in order to attract visitors to its website, which means more moolah for them, it is very exploitative.

The list just includes the name of the “victim” with scant information on how they died. The effect: you would think that the people on this list were killed just because. If you’re lazy, you wouldn’t take the time to find more information.

For example, the first person on this list is Michael Almayda. A suspected drug pusher, “killed in police buy-bust operation; three other companions arrested.”

By not taking any effort to know more about what happened, the reader would think, the police are brutal. Why did they kill Almayda, while letting his companions live?

According to the full report of the Inquirer regarding Almayda, he died “in a shootout with policemen…[he] resisted arrest and engaged policemen in a gunfight.

The list doesn’t link you to that news.

The same goes with Alias Rashid. According to a report by Philippine Star, Rashid and his companion “were selling P110,000 worth of shabu to undercover agent Police Officer 1 Alexander Dioso near the Isetann Department Store.He said Rashid noticed the fake money brought by Dioso to buy the drugs and the suspect drew his gun. Dioso immediately shot Rashid and his companion.

Meanwhile, the circumstances behind the death of Rolando Dizon Jr and his brother Julius Dizon were just reduced by Inquirer to this: they were killed “while trying to escape arrest.” Philippine Star reported that Dizon was already in the custody of the police. But while they were walking through Santolan St., Brgy. Tunasan, he grabbed the gun of policewoman SPO1 Emmie Baldovino and attempted to shoot at the police. The police officers were able to shoot back.

You wouldn’t know that because the list doesn’t link you to the news report.

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