Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
The Duterte administration begins its plot at an escalated point in the tale of the Philippines’ transition to a narco-state. The prequel is a 6-act play about how the previous administration carefully cultivated the narcotics trade for years.
Military men in key positions all over the country established the network of protection that allowed this horror to become part of our daily reality. Government officials transitioned into roles that enabled this industry to thrive uninhibited, unchallenged. Human rights commissioners became justice secretaries to senators allegedly fueled and funded by this trade continue to manipulate civil, social and political bodies.
Mainstream media diverts public attention and discussion from the awareness of and solution to this problem because of its possible participation in and profit from this criminal activity. Even the church, the spirit and soul of Philippine society, the moral compass of the country has colluded with them.
President Duterte is the only thing keeping us from plummeting into a narco-state. His administration is struggling to turn back the clock at the eleventh hour. All the pieces are on the board to ensure our failure but a 71 year old man has stubbornly refused to give us up.
He has decided to sacrifice his few remaining years to change our future. He who has so little time left has offered it to struggle on our behalf against a problem that is not of his own making.
Even as we are close to the climax of our generation’s destiny, we are given a chance to take a different course-a turn in medias res.

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