Incredibles 2 has incredible opening weekend

Incredibles 2 has incredible opening weekend

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The perfect combination of Disney magic, nostalgia, superheroes, and family friendly entertainment has come together to make The Incredibles 2 a record breaking success. The film made $180 million in North American theaters for its opening weekend, earning it the distinctions of having the best animated movie opening and biggest PG-rated launch of all time. The film also placed 8th as highest film launch overall. Like, ever.

This level of wild success is certainly something all movies studios aim for, but while many can only dream of these opening weekend numbers, it’s possible Disney execs already used to having their heart’s wishes come true. The previous records for best animated movie opening and for the biggest PG-rated launch were both held by Disney titles, so the torch is just being passed around the family table. The dethroned movies were, respectively: 2016’s Finding Dory, also a Pixar film which had a $135 million launch, and 2017’s live action remake Beauty and the Beast, which set the bar at $174.8 million.

The build up to the release of The Incredibles 2 made for diverse audiences. Thanks to the 14 year break between the original and the sequel, the children who enjoyed the first Incredibles are now adults a.k.a. children at heart. According to Disney, the movie’s audiences had a healthy mix of adults, families and teens. 31% of moviegoers were adults.

Though real life has seen over a decade pass since we last saw the superhero family, Incredibles 2 picks up where the last movie left off. Brad Bird, who was. The movie has been highly praised for how it challenges archaic gender roles. The family film shows that it’s not always dad who’s the hero and women can save the day as well. The dynamic shown between the parental figures in the movie has been lauded as a good example for children for what makes equal partnership. Though, the release of Incredible’s 2 eclipsed by far the 2nd weekend of other female-led follow-up film, Ocean’s 8. The action-drama film based in the Ocean‘s movie universe made $19.6 million it’s second weekend and stars, among a cast of many talented women: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna. With these two films, it seems Hollywood and the movie business are taking steps to tell more stories

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