By Manny Piñol

Time and time again, I have brushed off suggestions that I consider a run for the Senate in 2019 and flatly denied speculations that the reason why I move around the country a lot is because I am eyeing a national political position.

In many public statements and declarations, I have clearly stated that I move around the country because I believe it is part of my job and that I do not have any plan of running for a national political position.

I thought that these statements and declarations were enough to put to rest the whole issue of my alleged political plans.

At noon today, however, I was piqued when a news reporter asked me after a short press briefing how I was doing with my preparation for the 2019 Senatorial Elections.

“What makes you think that I have plans to run for Senator?,” I asked Manila Times reporter James Galvez.

He said that I was moving around a lot and that could mean that I was preparing for 2019.

Right off, I told him that I have declared many times in the past that I do not have political plans and that I moved around the country because it was the best way to talk to agriculture and fisheries stakeholders and address their concerns.

I have to admit I was irritated by the question to the point that I told Galvez I was ready to wager my one-year pay and surrender it to him if I decide to run for Senator in 2019.

To make it an even bet, however, I asked him to also place his one-year pay on the line which I would collect if he is proven wrong.

I do not know whether he was serious when he signed a piece of paper but I am sure I was serious.

To all those who suspect that my actions are politically motivated, here is my answer:

“Kung magtrabaho ako ng maige sasabihin namumulitika; Kung hindi naman magtrabaho, sasabihin incompetent at tamad.”

I am not running for Senator. I am simply working hard because I would like to help President Rody Duterte fulfil his commitment of Change and Available and Affordable Food for the Filipino people.

If you still doubt that, I still have 200 heads of Black Australorp dual purpose free-range chicken which I could wager and they cost about P2,000 each.

Wanna bet?

(Photo taken by Micah Panzo during the Biyaheng Bukid Forum in Tangub City, Misamis Occicental last Friday.)

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