Jim Paredes still doesn’t get it

Jim Paredes still doesn’t get it

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So the anti-Duterte people threw a protest rally and no one attended. Awkward. At least Jim Paredes, Bambam Aquino, that Hontiveros person, and the alleged vice president were there. And about more or less two thousand other folks who had nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

It must have been a bummer for most of them. Especially those who actually thought that they still had the numbers. Like Jim Paredes for example. Who ranted and raved about freedom and conscience – while all the time denying other people’s right to have their own. Or at least in so far as it disagreed with him.

That guy just lost it, there was even a point in his tirade against those who support the President that he was quoting lines from one of his old songs. Who does that? I guess the old saying about how the gods would first make crazy those whom they will destroy is true.

People Power version 2017, and the sad descent of Jim Paredes into fantasy land are cautionary tales on how we can invest too much on our own version of reality that it becomes the only “truth” that we can accept. Which ironically was part of the argument that Paredes was making against Duterte’s supporters – that they where blind to what is happening around the country.

But what about his blindness? What about the three decades of failed promises that he seems unable to see. The continuing hardships being felt by the common Filipino. The worsening traffic, the deteriorating peace and order situation, the graft and corruption in government, the ineptitude of the same politicians in running the country. These, Jimmy boy, are the realities that those who support Duterte see and live through everyday.

Palibhasa kasi Jim nasanay ka na pinakikinggan ka ng mga tao, kaya ganyan na lang ang galit mo ngayong wala ng pumapansin sa yo. But you have to understand, it’s because you kept on singing the same old song over and over and over again. Like a really bad case of LSS – until nagsawa na lang kami sa pakikinig sa mga kabobohan mo.

We tried it your way, dba? We went to EDSA in 1986. Some of the people even went back in 2001. We elected Noynoy, and even his idiotic relative Bambam. Konti na lang nga baka pati si Krissy naging senador din. We have not been lacking in trying to find the good in these people that you continue to champion. It is not us who have turned our backs on the ideals of People Power – it is the people behind People Power who have failed us.

So now we want to try something new. We want to go with the probinsyano from Mindanao. So pwede ba paki respeto naman ang desisyon namin. Democracy nga ito dba? You already lost in the election. Accept the fact that no one wants your brand of politics anymore. Move on. Be a man. It may be hard on your ego that no one fucking likes you anymore, but you just have to live with it. Or, on second thought, don’t. Do whatever you want. The fuck we care. We are done with you. All of you.

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