UP Joins Ateneo in Trolling Mocha Uson

UP Joins Ateneo in Trolling Mocha Uson

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky

UP joins the bandwagon of faux intellectual ascendancy against UST alumna, Mocha Uson. The Philippine Collegian is set to release today its lampoon edition entitled SaVogue. It is UP’s sad attempt at vilifying and discrediting her in the guise of satire. It is taking a jab at the social media powerhouse who has taken on the role of the voice of the masses. This is not at all surprising considering how detached from social reality the new breed of Iskos and Iskas have become.


The idea is a rip off of Ateneo’s Tangang Lawin edition and a deplorably low play for UP. It is not only trolling and bullying MOCHA USON BLOG but it is also bootlegging Ateneo’s work, and poorly so at that. The blue publication’s cover art and perspective at least drew attention to the issue of online behavior and ethics. Although, it did inadvertently reveal how ignorant and arrogant they continue to be regarding social media and writing satire. The maroon publication, on the other hand, have produced what can only be described as the illegitimate spawn of a tabloid toilet paper and a fashion relic magazine. The words plastered on the cover are so archaic and ancient one might think that this was to be circulated in the archives section of a library. And even their cover art… perhaps it is also a parody of taste?


These attacks on Ms Uson just like on the president are scheming, malicious and calculated. It is geared to pump up their circulation with falsehoods, lies and poor journalism masked as satire. While mainstream media are deploying a blitzkrieg of half-truths at half-price against president Duterte, the UP and Ateneo publications are colluding to censure the strongest voice against the calloused oligarch-owned media. They are inherently mean spirited and disparaging with no redeeming value nor contribution to the national sociopolitical narrative.


In all likelihood, this is probably because the journalism and communications programs in these universities are so behind in their content regarding social media and technology that they have unwittingly further empowered Ms Uson’s online presence. They have made everyone focus and follow her and her publications even more because of their tirades and affronts.


It is all about the algorithm anyways.


Also, in a country where melodrama is so deeply entrenched in its collective psyche, who doesn’t support an underdog like Ms Uson who is being systematically attacked by the economically and intellectually elitist snobs from Ateneo and UP?


Does defaming a loud opinion strengthen democracy?


I may not agree with everything Ms Uson publishes but I will unequivocally support her right to express her opinions. Democracy is what it says in our constitution and not based on the speculations of university professors even when they are published authors. Clearly.

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