Kaputian Beach Park — the perfect place to make pasyal in Samal 

Kaputian Beach Park — the perfect place to make pasyal in Samal 

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It’s so gulo na in Davao City after Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won as President. Kadami na the people who come and make visit him. With all those visitors making punta here, the traffic has become horrific. Not Metro Manila-horrific, but enough to be kainis na. Good thing talaga that the Island Garden City of Samal is just 30 minutes away from where I live. When the gulo and ingay of the city makes me cry, I just take the barge and make tawid to Samal to go to my favorite resorts.

There are like plenty of beach resorts in Samal. You know, from the exclusive high-end ones to the mura but maingay ones. There are days when I just want to make bakasyon in the exclusive ones, but my favorites talaga are those that are not so developed ‘cause, you know, I like my beaches au naturel.

Kaputian Beach Park, a local gov

ernment-owned resort, is on my favorites list. Unlike the other eww resorts that were canopied by the cray owners, this place only has trees and a few cottages to shield you from the sun. You can make latag your picnic blanket on the sand and sunbathe all you want. It is also not maingay especially if you go on a weekday, which I always do.

I like to like swim, ‘cause who go

es to the beach and just makes hilata on the sand, you know? The clear crystal blue water in Kaputian Beach Park is perfect for swimming. And if you make dala your goggles, you are in for a treat. Even if you are still in the mababaw part, so dami na the fishes you can see.

There’s no resto in Kaputian Beach Park. That is not a problem for me, though. I can just make labas and choose from the several karinderyas right outside the gate. On a lucky day, there’s somebody selling maruya (deep fried banana coated in sugar) or ginangang (barbecued banana slathered with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar).

If you plan to like stay overnight, there are no cottages with bed and other amenities. You can make tulog in a tent though if you like. The sand is lamig and it’s nice to make gising with the sound of the waves kissing the shore.

I’m gonna warn you though if you are planning to go there. The restroom is clean, but it has no shower. You have to like use the pail and dipper. So if you are maarte, forget it.

Artsy (not arte) people, will have another thing to look forward when they go to Kaputian — Samal Art Legacy. It’s a small inato gallery where artists from Samal Island display and make benta their art works. It is a little maalikabok, but it’s got charm.

So, if the traffic is making you super inis na, you can just hop on a barge, hire a habal-habal, and go to Kaputian Beach Resort. Oh, did I mention that the entrance fee is P15 lang?

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