Kids of Cebu drug surrenderers get free school supplies

Kids of Cebu drug surrenderers get free school supplies

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Bookbags filled with free school supplies were distributed to the children of drug reformists at Cebu City Hall on Thursday by the city anti-drug office, COSAP. Image from Sunstar.

Free school supplies were distributed by the Cebu City Office for Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP) to children of drug abusers who surrendered to the government. With the supplies, children will be able to better pursue their studies as their parents receive treatment for their addictions.

The distribution event was held on Thursday at the Cebu City Hall.

COSAP Chief Garry Lao said in an interview that the children of 227 drug surrenderers from 24 barangays in Cebu City were the recipients of the program.

Sadly, the donation event could not be attended by all the child beneficiaries. Bad weather affecting the mountain barangays made it difficult for many to make it to City Hall and receive their supplies.

According to Lao, only about 60 recipients were able to claim their free school bags containing notebooks and other supplies.

“It’s just so unfortunate that the weather was uncooperative. The children from the mountain barangays could not come because of the heavy downpour,” Lao said in Cebuano.

Children who were not able to claim their free supplies need not worry. According to Lao, COSAP will be delivering these to their barangay instead. The schedule of delivery will soon be announced by the city office.

The school supplies are meant to prepare children for the coming school year. The city also provides support to the families of drug surrenderers through rice rations. Last month, the city provided bags of rice to the addicts undergoing government rehabilitation.

Lao said that COSAP takes care of drug surrenderers and their families even after rehabilitation as a way of showing support for recovery and to lessen the change of relapse.

“This is our way of making them feel that they are loved and they and their families are important,” he said.

“It’s what we call the after care. If there is no after care, they might be tempted again,” he added.


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