Kim Chiu gets noticed by Shawn Mendes and “dies for like 5 minutes”

Kim Chiu gets noticed by Shawn Mendes and “dies for like 5 minutes”

Let your fangirl flag fly, Kim

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Just because you’re famous yourself doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting starstruck. For example: you’d think a mega-celebrity like Kim Chiu would be totally over the whole fame thing, but it turns out she’s just like us when her idols notice her.

Singer Shawn Mendes recently held a live streaming session on his Instagram. Mendes is responsible for hit songs like 2015’s ‘Stitches’, so naturally his stream attracted a large audience. Almost 100,000 people were tuned in when Chiu, or @chinitaprincess on Instagram, commented to ask Mendes if he’s ever been to the Philippines.

Out of the thousands of comments, Mendes saw and responded to Chiu’s, replying that yes, he’s been to the Philippines. Mendes was referring to when he visited Manila as part of his Illuminate tour in 2017. While here, the singer also dropped by Tagaytay, Taal Volcano, and Balete Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. He posted several photos on his Instagram where he’s seen enjoying his time in the Philippines and taking in the tropical scenery.

Chiu’s reaction to Mendes’ reply was just like what any fan girl would do. On her own Instagram story, the actress posted about her excitement, with copious exclamation marks to match. In addition, Chiu requested a song ‘Treat You Better’, which Mendes ended up playing on the live stream. Chiu even goes on to say that the unexpected response directly to her question made her feel like she died for like 5 minutes. Anyone with a celebrity obsession or who idolizes Mendes could certainly understand.

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