Kitty Duterte washes clothes by hand like a normal person

Presidential daughter is having fun

Kitty Duterte washes clothes by hand like a normal person

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Train them well when they are young, and they will be better when they grow old.

A video of the daughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte washing clothes has gone viral for all the right reasons. The 5-minute long clip shows 12-year old Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte having fun while learning to wash clothes by hand in their garage.

While washing machines are not exactly rare in the Philippines, hand-washing is still very common particularly in the rural areas. It is something many Filipino children have had to learn while growing up. And it is refreshing to see that having your dad as the most powerful man in the country does not change that.

Watching the video, netizens were also quick to notice that the presidential garage looks just like any other “garahe” that you might find in a normal Filipino household. No expensive cars or marble floors for the people’s President.

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