Leila de Lima and the ghosts of Aquino’s political harassments

Leila de Lima and the ghosts of Aquino’s political harassments

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I’ve been complaining a lot lately about how I’d like to write stuff about lighter topics. You know, the fluffy, feel good stuff that makes us warm and fuzzy inside. Watching the vitriol, particularly those dealing with whats going on in politics can be a bit too much. There is so much hate that it would be nice to just lay back and get away from it all.

But just as Michael Corleone said in the Godfather, just as you think you’ve gotten out they pull you the fuck right back in.

How the hell can you think of nice things when you have idiots like Bambam “the Neckless Wonder” Aquino, Riza “the Leech” Hontiveros, Sonny “Hi, I’m Stupid” Trillanes, and Kiko “Yup, I’m Really a Lawyer” Pangilinan roaming the halls of the senate and issuing one stupid statement after another in defense of their disgraced colleague, Leila “De Libog” De Lima.

While the details of their rants vary, the gist apparently has something to do with their accusations that the Duterte administration is using the Department of Justice for political harassment. That Leila, despite the testimonies against her is being targeted because of her bull-headed opposition to the government’s anti-drug program.

Despite what De Lima’s defenders insist on portraying to the media and the public, the fact is during her time as Department of Justice Secretary, Leila de Lima allowed – whether through her active protection (as it is alleged) or gross negligence (as can be implied) – the proliferation of drugs, including its manufacture, distribution, and sale from within the prison system itself.

Let that sink in for a moment. De Lima has had an undisputed and direct impact on the spread of illegal drugs during her six year term. The luxury condominiums for high profile inmates, the prison  concerts, the special privileges – all of these happened during her watch. And was even documented on Discovery Channel for fuck’s sake. But of course the Liberal Party simply wants us to sweep this under the rug.

Then there’s her affair with her married driver. Something that De Lima herself has admitted to while at the same time trying to chalk it off as a temptation that women are simply too weak to resist. Look Leila, we’ve all seen Dayan and I don’t think the queue to jump on that would be especially long.

But while the nuns and priests who surround her may understand – especially those among them who exhibit the same particular “frailty” – what De Lima admirs to is actually a serious breach of the laws against sexual harassment.

Imagine if you will if this had been some male politician who had been caught having an affair with his married secretary – it would be news fodder for months. But because it is De Lima, kebs lang ang mainstream media.

Now as to the allegations of political harassment, just because the Liberal Party during the time of Noynoy Aquino notoriously and consistently did the same to those who opposed them doesn’t mean that everyone else is doing it also. De Lima is scared of the ghosts of her own past, and is now trying to project them on this administration.

If anything, succeeding presidents can learn a lot from Aquino and his henchmen on how to effectively use the government machinery to attack and destroy your political opponents. They elevated it to an art form. And now that idiot Bambam Aquino has the gall to be outraged? Eh gago ka pala, gawain kaya ng kamag anak mo yon. Asan ka at yang patapang-tapangan mo noon?

Like in the case for example of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Where was Bambam Aquino’s outrage while GMA was kept under hospital and house arrest for six years without any formal conviction?

And Leila de Lima, who is now pulling the harassment card for the softheaded members of local and international media, she was in charge of that operation which was highlighted by her defiance of a lawful order of the Supreme Court allowing Arroyo to seek medical treatment abroad. While images of the wheelchair-bound former commander-in-chief hogged the headlines, it was De Lima herself who defended the Aquino government against accusations of political harrassment. So paano ngayon yan that the shoe is on the other foot? Ang tapang ninyo dati nung kayo ang sikat, ngayon paawa-awa kayo? Ulol.

Aside from GMA, during the six year term of Aquino several other big name political opponents also got the same De Lima treatment. Chief Justice Renato Corona, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla, and Jinggoy Estrada were among the most visible. There were also numerous allegations of how the BIR and the Anti-Money Laundering Commission were used to go after critics of the administration.

Now this isn’t to say that the charges against these individuals have no basis. That is up to the courts to decide. But to cry wolf now – when just a few short months ago their were themselves baying with the pack – is pure, unadulterated hypocrisy. A trait that seems uniquely fit for those belonging to the Liberal Party.

These are the same people who feel the country owes them some kind of debt for “restoring democracy.” Well here’s news for you, we don’t owe you squat. You have already squandered all the goodwill that we can spare. There is none left. You can pretend that we are trolls, or paid supporters, or bots, or whatever else reasons that can help you feel better about yourselves. Fact is we are real people and our disgust for the fucking lot of you runs bone deep. And there will be a reckoning. Antay lang kayo.

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