Leni Robredo must be removed from office

Leni Robredo must be removed from office

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As long as Leni Robredo fraudulently occupies the Office of the Vice President she will be a danger to the stability of the Philippines. Since usurping the vice presidency from the rightful winner of the elections, Robredo has shown that her first loyalty is and will always be to her political party and not to the republic that she has sworn to protect and preserve.

Her latest bit of treachery, that of fabricating lies before the international community in a brazen bid to court foreign intervention in our internal affairs, and possibly to remove a democratically elected President, shows just how recklessly desperate Leni and her political handlers have become. They are willing and fully capable of throwing the whole country under the bus if it will advance their ambitions.

Her outrageous antics defy political conventions and, even in the murky, backstabbing world of Philippine politics, goes beyond the pale for its sneaky, self-serving underhandedness.

I was recently with a friend who is close to the Liberal Party leadership and I was venting to him about the continuing efforts of the party to undermine the Duterte administration. According to him many in the party still hold to the ridiculous idea that they have the numbers on their side.

Based on their simple-minded logic, only 14 million out of the 54 million voters voted for President Duterte therefore this must automatically mean that the rest are not in favor of his policies. This is exactly the same kind of idiotic thinking that gave birth to Mar Roxas’ highly divisive “disente kami, kayo hindi” messaging during the campaign. And it is the same that is now leading them to assume that, despite all evidence to the contrary, they still have the support of the people.

But while this misguided view of the public sentiment might explain part of Leni’s pompous political posturing, it should only go so far as her own loyalty to the country would allow. Unfortunately, that particular well is about as empty as her head.

Leni, it is turning out, has more ambition than braincells or scruples combined. An already unfortunate combination in the best of cases, it is made even worse given the calibre of the people surrounding her. From the treasonous Trillanes, to bumbling Bambam and the pathetic Pangilinan – the rogues gallery only gets worse as we run down the dishonor role that is the Liberal Party.

Given this situation, it now becomes imperative for the Filipino people to exhaust every possible means to rid the country of this traitor. The call to impeach Leni, while it would have been preferable if it was filed ahead of Alejano’s trumped up charges, should be pursued to the fullest extent possible.

Simultaneously, the camp of Bongbong Marcos should also make haste in its electoral protest against Robredo. Theirs is a golden opportunity of restoring the rightful order, and at the same time ridding the country of this fake Vice President.

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