Did Leni Robredo resign to avoid being fired by Duterte?

Did Leni Robredo resign to avoid being fired by Duterte?

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Social media is abuzz with the departure of Leni Robredo from the cabinet of President Duterte.

Netizens expressed serious doubt about her resignation, with many of them questioning whether Robredo really quit on her own, or was she actually fired from her job. This after a photo of a text message sent by Secretary to the Cabinet Jun Evasco began circulating on-line, wherein Robredo was told to “desist from attending all cabinet meetings starting Monday (December 5, 2016).”

The text message was sent at 2:43pm, and Robredo made her face-saving “resignation” announcement on Twitter at 6:01pm.

Leni Robredo


Leni robredo

There is strong belief that her dismal performance in the housing department, particularly in completing the new homes for the victims of Yolanda disappointed the President and he was ready to let her go.

Many believe that Leni’s resignation was nothing more than a cover up for what was coming, and to avoid the humiliation of being kicked out. Speculations regarding this possibility started a few weeks ago after the Presidential Office in the Visayas was able to do what Robredo and her friends from the Liberal Party failed to accomplish in three years.

Aside from expressing their doubts, people also regretted Leni’s resignation – not because she is leaving as housing chief, but because she will still be staying on as the alleged vice president.

This however was offset by the joy that many felt with Robredo’s departure, which would end the culture of incompetence that she brought to the government’s housing program. This is accompanied with hope that the next person the President appoints would do better than Robredo. Which is not hard to do considering how useless Leni was at her job.

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