Levant and Couchant

Levant and Couchant

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
Yesterday, De Lima’s lawyers trooped to the Supreme Court in a bid to remove her from her detention in Camp Crame. The charges against her are:
1) allegedly trading in narcotics (http://m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/880834)
2) allegedly receiving payoffs from the drug trade (http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/03/14/17/sc-told-convicts-not-qualified-as-witnesses-vs-de-lima)
These are cases which invoked separate sections of the same law, RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002. The DOJ charted a course through section 5 where De Lima is explicitly involved in drug trafficking. On the other hand, the OSG used section 26(b) of the same law which saw her as more of a conspirator in this alleged crime. These seemingly conflicted cases and diametrically opposed positions on De Lima’s role in what has become the most dangerous and widespread industry in our country was the rallying point for her lawyers to challenge her indictment.
The legal fortitude of the cases which birthed the long awaited warrant of her arrest stood on the merits of what was filed in the Muntinlupa RTC. This was found to be sufficient in form and content to have her detained and brought to court. Whatever public squabbles and disunity among the ranks of the government’s legal offices and their chief officers should not diminish the weight and validity of their case against De Lima.
Once again, the public is being misled by the statements and legalese of De Lima and her lawyers who are posturing in front of an audience. They are pushing and peddling their narrative of political persecution which has no truth in it. These lies are made to confuse the public, specifically the naive but overbearing international human rights and political agencies.
Their agenda is clear. They wish to undermine justice and our judiciary system to set into motion a possible international legal intervention.
This challenge is equally daunting for both sides of this issue. Even if the international community interrupts our national legal processes, it will take years, YEARS, of jail time before this plan gets De Lima out of jail. But, if they, the destabilization movement agents, succeed, the Philippines may lose a continuously progressive Duterte administration in favor of either a Robredo or a Marcos.
The need for vigilance and unity in supporting Duterte and his government has once again become the focus of our national discourse. The constancy with which we fight for our democracy is once again put to the test. Our passions must not wane. Our complacency has once before squandered away a victory of our people’s uprising in EDSA. We cannot repeat this same mistake. Our eyes must be on the prize at all times, steadfast and strong.

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