The Liberal Party and its theatre of lies

The Liberal Party and its theatre of lies

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“What satisfaction canst thou have to-night?”(Romeo and Juliet Act 2, Scene 2)


Is there any retribution for the dramatis personæ from the previous administration’s theatre of lies and corruption who knowingly and willfully made the ordinary Filipino’s life a living hell? What will become of the men and women who destroyed our public transport system (e.g. MRT); who coddled drug lords, developed drug laboratories in jails, and protected drug pushers; who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the EJK from the ‘Riding-in -Tandem’ syndicate; who destroyed travel and tourism through the ‘Tanim-Bala’ syndicate; who unconstitutionally manipulated public funds through the DAP and PDAF in order to destroy political opponents; who consistently violate the law through bending backwards to the caprices of the LP candidates and the extremely flawed automated elections?


The Filipinos, i.e. the common folk, are becoming restless. The initial steps to a nationwide rehabilitation, although commendable, are merely a palliative to the pained voices of the 16.6 million Filipinos who voted for President Duterte (PDu30) because of their unrequited hate towards Aquino and his goons.


They want payback. The Yellow President, his executive henchmen and crooners are the controversial personalities that need to explain what they have done and why they did it to the Filipinos without the blanket protection of a yellow blind government and their “yellowsplaining” media propaganda partners.


Will we find closure? Only time can tell. Basing it on PDu30’s inaugural speech, vengeance is not on the agenda of his administration as he so calmly said, “I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.” And it will take no less than a generation of social evolution to expect the Ombudsman to exact revenge on behalf of the victimized Filipino public.


So all we can do is look exasperatedly forward to a cleaner country with less criminality, functioning public services like communications and transportation, equitable, and I mean sincerely equitable, distribution of national resources and a safer and cleaner country to live in but no satisfying retaliation against all those who hurt us through their abuse and neglect while in power.


Change will happen but not as fast as we want nor in the form that we imagined. The president is rebuilding the nation and curbing its bad habits. The destruction of public trust and public services perpetrated by the previous administration, colluded with its propagandist press, will take a long and arduous while to reconstruct.


And for those of you who expected immediate gratification after PDu30 assumed office, there is little satisfaction to be had by way of reprisals. My president is fortifying the foundations of a better government.


It takes a fleeting moment to fell a tree but a tedious lifetime to grow one.


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