Makati prosecutor junks Kris Aqunio’s theft case against former business manager Nicko Falcis

Makati prosecutor junks Kris Aqunio’s theft case against former business manager Nicko Falcis

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Aquino and Falcis.

The Makati City Prosecutor’s Office has dismissed the criminal charges filed by Kris Aquino against her former business manager, endorsement closer, and talent agent Nicanor “Nicko” Falcis II.

The charges of qualified theft and violation of the Access Device Regulations Act against Falcis were dismissed for lack of probable cause.

It was one of several cases filed against Falcis by Aquino. Falcis still faces cases in Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Taguig, San Juan, Pasig, and Manila.

Aquino filed the cases in October last year after accusing Falcis of stealing P1.2 million from her through the corporate credit card issued to him under Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). Aquino alleged that Falcis used the card for personal expenses, despite it being a corporate account.

However, the Makati Prosecutor’s office issued a resolution dated Feb. 10 which was approved by Senior Deputy City Prosecutor Emmanuel Medina in which Makati City Assistant City Prosecutor Paolo Barcelona said that the BDO corporate card was issued under Falcis’ name. It could also not be proved that Falcis had intent to steal from Aquino.

“(T)he KCAP card was issued in the name of Falcis. As the cardholder, he can use the card for his purchases subject to the terms and conditions of BDO. In addition, no proof was presented that he used the card with intent to gain or defraud. Accordingly, he is, at most only liable to pay his credit card bill that has become due,” the resolution read.

Late last year, Aquino began her public campaign against Falcis. She claimed to be seeking justice for her children, since she said that Falcis stole hundreds of millions from their trust funds.

On January 4, Nicko released a personal statement to counter the narrative pushed by Aquino. In it, he claimed to be owed P9 million by the “Queen of Media”. He also addressed the credit card charges.

“When she first summoned me to her house last September 18, 2018, she started nitpicking about credit card charges amounting to over P400,000.00. I issued a check the next day to appease her and stop her endless tirades even if the charges were all company related.

Question is: Why did Ms. Aquino not en-cash the check I gave and she accepted? Instead, she added more charges and sued me for a total of P1.2 Million,” read Falcis’ statement.

He also said that his life was threatened by Aquino, who spiraled out of control following her health scares. According to Falcis, Aquino needed “someone to blame” in the paranoia of her health.

Aquino was ultimately diagnosed with Lupus.

Falcis included in his statement a copy of what is supposedly one of Kris Aquino’s last messages to him.

“I wanted so much to believe that I had found my business soul mate, and yet I am seeing so clearly now that as much as you have proclaimed fighting for & deserving your relevance – you actually forgot the number 1 rule in this world we chose to inhabit—the queen is guarded & sacrificed for above & beyond all costs. No Kris Aquino, no contracts, and no millions. Do not think I won’t go in all directions,” read the message.

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