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The promises made in EDSA have dissipated under the toxic yellow, mother and son administrations we have had to endure and everything else in between. The oligarchy’s claws have dug so deep into the flesh of our nation that without surgically precise amputation, it seems unlikely that we will survive.
The madness by their abuses threaten to tear the very fabric of our sanity. The only way to function in the Philippines today is to disabuse ourselves of the following notions:
1) Mainstream media is usually ethical, reliable and/or truthful
2) The CBCP is morally upright in its pastoral, personal and political affairs.
3) Academics and academic institutions are the only source of knowledge and information.
4) Martial law is inherently evil.
5) EDSA is an Aquino legacy. It is called the PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION for a reason. It is ours and not theirs to own.
Our sanity hinges on accepting our current realities while we work on improving them. These misguided beliefs in these institutions are an obstacle to our progress.
As the anniversary of the EDSA People Power draws near, let us take the time to contemplate the succession of events and powers since then that has necessitated a Duterte presidency today.
Just like the traffic and gridlock of cars and pedestrians that have become a feature of this thoroughfare, the spirit of the people’s bloodless revolution has been suspended in time, twisted and calcified. It is a monument to a dream that was deferred. Every year its cultists torturously remind people of its promise and blame its failure on the past, deflecting the shame of their ineptitude. When all the preening and pageantry are over and the celebration has sufficiently caused even more suffering to the attendees and the commuters, their apathy and indifference to the country restarts.
It will be another year before we see yellow beribboned elites vainly attempting to mingle with the masses.
In the time of a Duterte government, we reclaim EDSA. We take back its spirit, its true meaning. We leave its concretized monuments and lies. We will start it fresh. We will find what we lost in the place where we began to dream again. We will gather in the Quirino Grandstand where the promise of a Duterte leadership gave the masses back its voice and trust in itself and its country.
We will support our president and his plans for a better Philippines by celebrating our democracy there. Come and join us as we make EDSA ours once again. Not the place. Its spirit.

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