Manay Judy will deliver – as indeed she has

Manay Judy will deliver – as indeed she has

by Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

- in Opinion, Politics

I’ve known Judy Taguiwalo for decades now—although she has no idea that I do. She thinks when we were first introduced (2000 plus na) was the first time I heard her name.

But I went to UP Diliman at a time when our heroes and heroines were those who fought the Marcos regime and when one paid dearly for doing so— with one’s life or with one’s personal liberty.

Tunay na buwis buhay. And even then, Judy Taguiwalo paid full price, no shirking, walang tawad tawad. Principled, courageous, compassionate. And her name was one of those names we said in hushed tones and with not a small amount of reverence.

Her life is a testimony to what I think is true: you don’t always look for a job. Sometimes, a job, when you are ready for it, looks for you and then finds you.

Because Judy Taguiwalo’s life of service to the most oppressed, the poorest among us has prepared her exceedingly well for this job and in the 10 months that she has sat as DSWD Secretary, she has shown us what a perfect fit she is for it—by giving us this wonderful experience of good governance at the DSWD.

It means the poor will get the help they most need. It means there is enough money to carry out the programs needed to get the poor out of the dehumanizing trap of poverty they are in.

It means the DSWD will not be used as machinery to further political agenda–but truly be the department that serves the people and serves them well.

It means the President’s vision of a kinder, more equitable Philippines can be realized because these two—Rodrigo Duterte and Judy Taguiwalo—add to this awesome mix, Paeng Mariano—make a formidable team.

Pantanggal umay sa Trifecta-Straight-From-Hell: Noynoy, Mar, Donkey and their whole cabal of indifferent, incompetent shits who treated the Filipino people as nothing more than an afterthought to all their political ambitions and rotten schemes and dreams.

Tomorrow, May 17 at 11 am, Sec. Judy Taguiwalo will once again, go through the gauntlet of the Commission on Appointments. Various sectors of civil society are mobilizing to make known their sentiments to the CA.

I will be there because the Filipino people deserve excellent, principled, compassionate leaders. We stand to lose the most if Sec Judy gets rejected by the Commission on Appointments.

This much, I am sure of: we get the leaders we think we deserve. We get the leaders we fight for.

We fought for a man who didn’t have the millions nor the machinery his political rivals had. And look at the amazing things Rodrigo Duterte has done.

It is the same with Manay Judy. She will deliver—as indeed she has.

And mightily too.


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