MARTIAL LAW: the value of patience

MARTIAL LAW: the value of patience

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky

As Lagman and Leonen try to rescind Proclamation 216 i.e. the Martial Law in Mindanao through a Supreme Court review, they:

1) are on the verge of causing a constitutional crisis by pitting the coequal branches of government i.e. the legislative which gave the proclamation a majority vote vs the judiciary

2) are attempting to redefine terrorism so as to disambiguate it from rebellion

3) further weaken the executive power of martial law during times of imminent dangers like terrorism

4) prove that terrorism is not a clear and present danger and may be subdued and subjugated through talks despite their coercive force and corrosive effect on civil society

5) show that justice in the Philippines has clear and vibrant political colors and is very definitely not blind by being biased not just towards the rich but moreso in favor of the Liberal Party and America

These are the times when I am thankful for the fact that Duterte is our president. He is a man who uses stratagems well beyond the mundane and the expected. And every single time that the legal and academic luminaries and pundits of the LP launch their armadas against the presidency and the majority of the populace who steadfastly support it, he is ready with a countermove that dashes their political aspirations on the seas and cliffs of chance.

If anything, I have learned from this presidency the value of patience and waiting for plans to work itself out into fullness before reacting. So now, I wait.

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