May nagmamarunong na naman

May nagmamarunong na naman

by Krizette Laureta Chu

- in Opinion, Philippines


“The government was dismissive of the growing threat. Soon after Mr. Duterte became president last year, he set out to destroy Abu Sayyaf in response to a series of beheadings of kidnapping victims. In fact, the kidnappers had no links to the Hapilon faction. Partly because of the government’s failure to appreciate this fact, it also failed to see that by then the Islamic State-friendly coalition already extended beyond Abu Sayyaf and that its leaders were driven by ideology rather than profit.”

“Martial law, which the president declared in Mindanao on May 23, may lead to more arrests and detentions, but it will not get at the roots of radicalization: poor governance, a dysfunctional legal system and endemic poverty. Prisons, dilapidated and overcrowded, are a prime recruiting ground for terrorists.”

Yup, because all the other countries–more developed, richer, more experienced and advanced–have been able to quash terrorism on their shores.

Tell us more o dear Oracle, what else is Duterte doing wrong?

I really love the fact that NYT and its army of contributors know so much better than a son of Mindanao, who has been wheeling and dealing and negotiating with rebels his whole life, whose city is right in the center of it all.


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