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The battle for dominance in the Philippine political narrative rages on. The mostly anti-Duterte mainstream media clashes with pro-Duterte social media icons and influencers. There are, of course, stragglers and renegades on both sides but this is how the battle is shaping up to be. Mainstream media will publish unverified facts and even lies while social media lashes back with well-cited and referenced pieces. Sadly, integrity and ethics seem to be a distant memory to most of the established media outlets.
Here are two of the most obvious failures of mainstream media in the past two days.
Not a single media agency has reported the biggest and most shameful debacle of this administration. #LeniLeaks will go down in history as a more clear and damning story than the “Hello, Garci” fiasco.
The questions that beg to be asked are: Why hasn’t mainstream media mentioned #LeniLeaks at all? Is there no integrity left in our local media? Are they threatened to make the exposé? Has their silence been bought?
Online trolls like Madam Claudia, Mr Obosen Obosen, Assortedge, Silent No More, Ang Bayan Ko and Oras Na<barf>Roxas Na along with a battery of social media liars are trying to attack pro-Duterte social media pages and personalities in a vain attempt to divert the attention from #LeniLeaks.
None of this will work because love for country will trump money every time. The reality is that to support President Duterte is now synonymous to loving the Philippines as a proud and sovereign nation. Any and all anti-Duterte stances are taking on the form of sedition, treason and vainglorious self-interest.
Where have all the genuine and authentic nonpartisan critics gone? Or is it because Duterte is a quixotic hero in a political firmament spangled with delusional but determined criminals?
P.S. I made my own set of screenshots of Imelda Nicolas and Pete Silva’s monumental mistake and I am posting it now.
P.P.S. I hear Yahoo!Groups is making a comeback
And across the pond, the international media continues its attack on the Philippines.
There’s a headline for you. Robert Muggah of the Guardian UK has taken a stand to destabilize the Philippine government and stop its war on drugs. Through a scathing article riddled with lies and half-truths, he hopes that the international community will help ease the persecution on drug lords and narco politicians.
In his article, he claims, just like many lazy and ignorant commentators on the successful Philippine drug war, that there are 6000 casualties. This number this article from The Guardian UK is quoting is a patent lie ( This unverified figure links all deaths including drive by, robbery, rape and even gang fight related ones to Duterte’s war on drugs. This article is criminally inaccurate and malicious.
The intent is clear.
This propaganda masked as journalism is meant to return narco politics and the narcotics trade back to power in the Philippines. And the Guardian is colluding with them.
At this juncture in history, many social media opinion makers and influencers face threats daily. But should they stop speaking the truth? Shakespeare said it best:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?
There was a time when fear for one’s safety was part and parcel of being a journalist. It is interesting to note that today our traditional media personalities are living cushy, glamorous and profligate lifestyles far-detached from danger.
So until truth and integrity return to mainstream media, social media will need to step up and fill the void in society.

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