Media man who said Duterte had cancer now says Robredo should prepare for transition

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Media man who said Duterte had cancer now says Robredo should prepare for transition

Asan na si Leni?

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So does Philip Lustre Jr have any idea about the plan to overthrow Duterte? Leni Robredo is this true? If no, categorically deny and call out Lustre, your ally, for spreading chismis. If this is true, then…oh dear. xoxo

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A reader sent me this:

My son’s uni (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland Australia) Filipino Society is sponsoring. I do not know these speakers… Please have a look at the link I’m sending you. They are also doing the rounds in other big universities here like Griffith and University of Queensland.

One of the speakers is IBARRA GUTIERREZ, was a spokesperson for the Liberal Party. Now tell me, if LP doesn’t have a hand behind the international black propaganda against Duterte?


I’ve read Ma’am Inday Varona’s “Class vs Crass” article on ABS-CBN. I understand it and appreciate its good points. But I disagree with her beatification of President Obama as all class. How can I forget what he did to Jennicet Gutierrez?

Gutierrez is an undocumented transgender activist migrant. She was present during the 2015 LGBT Pride March celebration at the White House. While Obama was delivering a speech, Gutierrez shouted ““I am a trans woman!… release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention! No more deportation!” Obama shut her down, telling her “You’re in my house…Shame on you.” Obama then asked security to escort her out. The crowd drowned her voice with “Obama!” (

Recalling the experience, Jennicet said, “I felt like my body was going to collapse. My mind was processing the booing and the president telling me to be quiet or leave” (

Gutierrez was escorted out. Then Obama said, he was okay with “hecklers” but not if he’s “up in the house…You know, my attitude is if you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres and drinking the booze… Anyway, where was I?” He didn’t curse. But he was such a fucking dick.

For me, Gutierrez is like Duterte. Someone who had the courage and sass to call out and defy the Emperor of the New Rome.

Kapag may nabasa po kayong maling information na ibinalita ang isang international media, huwag lang po kayo sa “comment” section umeksena. Pumunta po kayo doon sa website nung news company at hanapin niyo po iyong paraang kung paano mag-file ng complaint. Usually po ang link ang tawag ay “Complaint.” Kung wala po, hanapin niyo po sa website ang “Contact” at sulatan o tawagan niyo po ang newspaper. At siyempre, mas maraming mag-reklamo, mas mabilis ang action. So, let’s fight this information warfare! LABAN! #ForTheMotherland

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