Mindavote petition to oust Trillanes from the Senate goes viral

Mindavote petition to oust Trillanes from the Senate goes viral

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An online petition to remove Antonio Trillanes IV from the senate has gone viral. In less than twenty four hours it has gathered more than thirty thousand signatures, and the number is still growing.

The petition, which was started by the pro-Duterte group Mindavote, stems from Sen. Richard Gordon’s threat to file an ethics complaint against Trillanes for “consistently displaying acts that are unbecoming of a member of this august chamber.”

Click here to sign the petition: Sen. Gordon must immediately file complaint vs Trillanes with the Senate Ethics Committee

Gordon has also accused Trillanes of using the senate to pursue “a personal agenda” in connection with Trillanes’ insistence on calling members of President Duterte’s family to testify before the Blue Ribbon committee despite without sufficient justification.

According to Gordon, “Whenever (Trillanes)  fails to get what he wants, he would accuse everyone of being in a conspiracy against him. Then he would make all kinds of accusations or allegations about those who went against him to discredit them. The first time that a similar circumstance arose, I forgave him after he went to my office to apologize. But now the time for talking is over.”

Many of those who signed the petition cite a growing frustration with Trillanes’ antics. “He is a useless senator! He should be removed from the senate,” says Rebecca Banjao, a Filipina from Edinburg, Texas.

Edrick Bongcawel, who is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia wrote, “90% sa mga filipino di bet si Trillanes…. He is not competent senator… gusto namin na mawala na siya sa senado. Ginamit nya ang position niya para sa kanilang interest lang. Dapat tanggalin na si Trillanes at isunod na rin ang mga ibang minority na liberal party. 101% ayaw namin sa kanya. Puro tsismis lang ang basihan walang credibility si Trillanes. Hindi buong bansa ang pinaglalaban niya kundi ang mga individual lang o pili lang para may magawa lang siyang history na bayani siya. Hindi siya ang pwedeng lider na magtanggol sa bansa kundi sila ang magpapabagsak sa bansa. Alisin na talaga siya.”

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