Miriam was right, stupid is forever; just look at Kiko Pangilinan

Miriam was right, stupid is forever; just look at Kiko Pangilinan

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Kiko Pangilinan is proof positive that the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago was right – stupid is indeed forever.

In 2005 Pangilinan was at the forefront of the monumentally idiotic Juvenile Justice Act that limits and even totally eliminates any form of criminal liability from teenagers of up to 17 years old; and thereby opening a clear path to a life of crime for a whole new generation of Filipinos.

In 2012 Kiko was at it again when, as chair of the Senate Committee on Social Justice and Rural Development, he actively pushed for the passage of Senate bill 3309 a measure so stupid that even Noynoy Aquino refused to sign it into law. And for good reason, had this so-called ‘Magna Carta for the Poor’ passed its implementation would have quickly bankrupted the government.

While the nation gave a huge sigh of relief as Kiko ended his term in 2013, sadly it was a short lived respite as his friend Noynoy Aquino somehow saw fit to appoint him as some sort of adviser on agriculture.

It was a role that Pangilinan played with much gusto – often being seen doing pseudo- farming stuff like giving interviews for glossy magazines while holding some sort of fruit or vegetable. And wearing long-sleeved shirts and rubber boots that his wardrobe people must’ve told him was THE outfit for millionaire-politicians who wanted to look ‘poor.’

In 2016 Kiko made a come back to the senate. Not so coincidentally, good sense – or whatever was left of it – beat a hasty retreat from the senate. (Note: It hasn’t been seen since.)

In this latest incarnation of Kiko as a “senator” we expected no better than his previous performance. But we were mistaken. It is actually worse. Much worse. And while he has not been able to inflict anything on the scale of the Juvenile Justice Act or the Magna Carta of the Poor, Pangilinan’s special brand of stupidity is a constant presence in the senate. Like a wet fart that lingers in a crowded elevator.

From stubbornly insisting that the government should continue holding on to the coconut levy fund, to blindly defending Leila de Lima, and taking all those politically-motivated potshots at the President – Kiko has really had a busy year in office.

His latest zinger comes after the police raid that killed alleged drug kingpin Rey Parojinog in Ozamiz City. Even as scores of people were shot to death during the incident, Pangilinan is apparently not yet satisfied.

“Walang mga sugatan o nasawi sa panig ng PNP. Hindi makatotohanan.”

Pangilinan wants more blood. Specifically police blood.By Kiko’s morbid logic, the attack is not believable because there were no casualties on the side of the raiding team.

Unlike for example the Mamsapano raid where 44 special action force members were massacred while the government sat on their asses. Now THAT was a police raid that Kiko could get behind and support.

Truly, it is times like these that I give a silent prayer for the people behind Facebook and twitter. Social media has amplified Kiko’s idiocy beyond the halls of the senate, and its protective isolation is no longer enough to insulate him from his own stupidity. It is now accessible to every Filipino with a smartphone and data plan.

Hopefully this openess will also be our salvation from the cycle of stupidity that has allowed people like Kiko and Bambam Aquino, Trillanes, Hontiveros, Villanueva, Drillon, Trillanes, and De Lima to stay in power for so long.

Miriam may have been right that stupid is forever – but not for the Filipino voter. Just watch in 2019. #NeverAgainLP.

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