MMDA tickets entire fraternity motorcade

MMDA tickets entire fraternity motorcade

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An MMDA traffic enforcer monitors Commonweath Avenue.Photo by M. Balmores from Manila Bulletin.

Members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity celebrated their society’s 50th anniversary today with a 500 member strong motorcade along Commonwealth Avenue. Unfortunately, the event’s planning forgot one important thing: helmets are required by law. MMDA enforcers doled out tickets to all participants found riding without sufficient protective gear.

Almost 500 members of Tau Gamma Phi, also known as Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity, were given tickets for the violation of riding and operating a motorcycle without the required crash helmet. The motorcade also passed through a main road, making the violation impossible to ignore.

MMDA enforcers hailed the motorcade under the direct instructions of MMDA chairman Jose Arturo Santillan Garcia, Jr. Several members of the fraternity attempted to speak with MMDA officers, asking for patience as it was a special occasion and their fraternity’s golden anniversary, but enforcers were not swayed. All members of the motorcade found without helmets accepted their tickets.

“Alam namin anniversary n’yo. okay, happy anniversary. Pero violation ‘to wala kayong helmet, nasa main road pa kayo.  Tumawag pa sa’kin mismo ang chairman so lahat nang walang helmet titiketan, lahat ng motor. Pasensiya na,” sabi ni Col. Memel Rojas-Team leader ng MMDA.

In a video by 24 Oras, a member of Tau Gamma Phi asked that the enforcers would also ticket all other motorists in violation who pass through Commonwealth avenue, as a measure in pursuit of fairness. MMDA enforcers on the scene gave their assurance that they will be monitoring for motorists who break the law, as they do daily.


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