Mocha the Phenomenon

Mocha the Phenomenon

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This isn’t about Mocha the blogger and what she writes. I don’t read her so I can’t comment on that. If it is indeed true that she fabricates and she sics her followers on her perceived enemies, I wish she’d reconsider.

But this isn’t about Mocha as a blogger but as a phenomenon.

And when I call her that, I can practically feel a bristling all over the net. Elitist fangs are half bared. But there’s no mistaking it—4.8 million followers is phenomenal.

I saw something a few days ago on FB though: the ramping up of the slut shaming of Mocha Uson by the hypocritical disente crowd.

And what I hear when they do this is, “How dare this hampas-lupang walang pinag aralan!” “How dare this slut, this shameless whore?? Who gave her the right to BLOG?”

These are very same ones who defended Leila de Lima when she was being slut shamed and who closed ranks to protect Leni when rumors of her being pregnant spread.

The very same group who couldn’t say enough about the immoral President Duterte’s extra marital dalliances were suddenly deathly quiet about the extra marital dalliances of Leila (What, Soc? No CBCP statements on this? Haha..comedy talaga.)

And the very same ones who fancied themselves defenders of womens’ rights posted half naked photos of Mocha and how they couldn’t say it often enough—how much of a slut she is. And what business did she have voicing out her opinions and such delusions to think herself good enough to be a blogger.

And they’re so outraged that Mocha is a member of the MTRCB –as if you need a PhD to be member of the MTRCB. (No to censorship!) (And in any case, do you guys even know Mocha was accepted at the UST College of Medicine and do you know how hard that is to pull off? And that she did 2 years of med school before she decided it wasn’t for her. So there. Stop that ignorant “Mocha is stupid.” You’re stupid for thinking that.)

Hay these elitists. How they can’t stand it when power gets democratized. When there’s a bit of a spreading out of power, when some of it get sprinkled on the masa, their shackles are up and the takedown swift.

Because they want that power all to themselves. And of course nothing is more threatening to the elites than an empowered, awakened citizenry.

So they’d like nothing more than to keep us barefoot and ignorant. Because if we had any idea the crimes they’ve done against us, they’d be hanging like Christmas lights on trees from Batanes to Jolo.

4.8 million pairs of ears tuned in to your every utterance IS power. It’s the kind of reach network empires can only salivate after. They spend millions upon millions to get what Mocha has managed to get for free.

Indeed, the fact that Mocha has more online engagements than ABS CBN and GMA COMBINED must have these elitists, our FORMER puppet masters fuming in their seats.

And this is where I think these elitists are so wrong about Mocha: how they gravely underestimate her. She thinks all she is is a slut who got lucky.

Which is why they keep committing one grievous mistake after another: their arrogance stops them from studying what it is she has achieved singlehandedly.

Mocha is a genius at connecting.

She has her fingers on the pulse of the people. The only lucky break she got, most probably, was when mainstream media, being clearly anti-Duterte, reneged on their jobs by not reporting about the man. People hungered to hear about this man and Mocha filled up that gap.

Mocha speaks for them. Mocha gives those who have been silenced a voice.

So in that roundabout but no less real, sense, mainstream media created Mocha Uson, the phenomenon. Nga naman ang buhay ano. Haha

So yeah, I know who the enemy is here.

And it isn’t Mocha whose power I applaud as it comes from the people she speaks for. I hear she is humble and eager to learn. Yey! More power to her! May Mocha evolve even more so the power she now has she uses to educate and then empower even more Filipinos.

As for the real enemies here—the oppressive class- these elitists—may they get their due soon. And may it blow up in their faces for all the grief, all the heartache—for all the inequity they have inflicted on generations upon generations of Filipinos.

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