Mother catches political agenda hidden in Grade 2 son’s schoolwork

Mother catches political agenda hidden in Grade 2 son’s schoolwork

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Are these appropriate questions for a Grade 2 exam?

Netizen and mother Verna Escalano has taken  to Facebook to voice her concerns regarding a provocative and morbid exam given to her Grade 2 child. In a photoset, she shows the disturbing examples given for a simple grammar quiz. While it is normal for Grade 2 students to learn about adjectives, it’s typically not part of the experience for children to be exposed to the imagery of spilled blood, police abuse, and death. Was “The apple is red” not enough for the lesson? Apparently not as some political agenda had to be slipped in.

Escolano’s post has been shared over 12,000 times. Many comments on the post praise the mother for checking what her child was learning in school and for her classy treatment of the matter. Escolano has not shared the name of the teacher who wrote the exam nor of the school her child attends as she feels this could have negative effects on the school’s community.


While it is important for children to learn about current events at a level appropriate for their development, many who reacted to the post share Escolano’s concerns that the questions are obviously beyond what is suitable for the lesson and the students. While the teacher in question has apologized for the paper, the obvious bias and agenda carried by the educator has made its mark on the children who took her exam.

Escolano made clear her intentions to contact the Department of Education over the matter, even after receiving apologies from the school and the teacher as “this is not a simple matter because it involves the education of my son and other children”.

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