#NAGASPEAKS: a bee in your bonnet

#NAGASPEAKS: a bee in your bonnet

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There are some questions that remain unanswered about the Robredos’ and their claims of having the love and unwavering support of Bicol.
1. When the late DILG secretary, Jesse Robredo, passed away, why was there no region-wide day of mourning?

2. Why was his interment ceremony done in Imperial Manila if Jesse is, as the LP and its deluded sycophants claim, the most beloved son of Bicolandia?

3. After being announced and then eventually inaugurated as the VP, why was there no region-wide celebration and day of jubilation among the Bicolanos when one of their own became the second most powerful person in the Philippines?

4. After several failed attempts at rallying support through a show of force at the EDSA shrine, Leni Robredo decides to take the protests to the streets of her bailiwick, Naga. On March 16, after attempting to spin WAC’s exposé as an attack, not only on the Robredos but to the whole Bicol region and even against their most beloved spiritual patron, she was joined by less than 1000 people. My intel informs me that there were roughly 500 people with her which included her entourage. Why did Bicol withhold its support for her, and paid no heed to her impassioned pleas?

Where is the love she claims the Bicolanos feel for their family?

5. Finally, in the May 2016 elections, each of the leading and winning candidates won by a landslide number of voted in their respective districts-Cayetano in Taguig, Marcos in Ilocos, Duterte in Davao. Each of them won by a wide margin except Robredo in Bicol. Why did she lose the massive support and love of her own province?

After taking her oath of office, an unforgivable and unfortunate series of events have happened in the OVP as a direct result of Leni Robredo heading it.

1) when typhoon Nina devastated Bicol, Bicolanos were left by the OVP to fend for itself as she sent prayers, Twitter messages, pre-recorded videos and nonexistent financial support to her own province. She chose a “family reunion” in the US where she lingered for 2 weeks “recovering” from perhaps the physical exertion of her activities there. She claimed the unavailability of 5 flight tickets to the Philippines as an excuse to forsake Bicol during its time of need.

2) her office has been taking to social

Media to attack and silence any Filipino who is critical of her

3) she failed in her post as HUDCC head

4) she usurped the roles of other government agencies like the DILG and DSWD

5) she has used her office to spread misinformation to the international community about the PNP’s palit-ulo strategy
My take on what needs to happen regarding Leni Robredo:

1) the people must rally to pressure the PET to finalize its ruling on her fraudulent win as VP in 2016,
and corollary to this, cases must be filed against Andy Bautista for his complicity to the fraud.

Our democratic right to suffrage was violated.

2) charges for economic sabotage, violation of the constitution and betrayal of public trust must be filed against her for her video wherein she spreads misinformation about the PNP’s palit-ulo scheme and her alleged illegal campaign funding for her congressional run. She should never have even been allowed to run as VP in 2016 because of her alleged use illegal use of campaign funds when she ran for congress.

and corollary to this, investigations and, ultimately, cases must also be filed against her other accomplices in the LP and OVP.
As Filipinos who love our country, who have struggled to fight for democracy, who stand for the sovereignty of our and nation and the continuance of Duterte’s administration, we must continue to fight. We cannot allow our hope to be dimmed and diminished by the LP, the oligarchy and the financial backers. We must constantly and consistently work towards informing our local government institutions and the international community of our support for Duterte and his administration. It is our right, our duty and our privilege to help our government.

(Erratum: #2 http://www.gmanetwork.com/…/pnoy-in-naga-for-jesse-robredos… The point my source was apparently trying to explain to me is not whether there was a state funeral BUT what was the feeling of the majority of the people in Naga when they held it there versus the tragedy that Manileños felt. There was a stronger tide of sadness in Manila than in Naga)

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