Netizens call out When In Manila article for entitlement and bias

Netizens call out When In Manila article for entitlement and bias

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When in Manila has been leaning so heavily on its bias of destroying the SEA Games that it may need to sit down for a bit. Its latest article, a byline-less anonymous piece by someone who claimed to have been a volunteer for the 2019 SEA Games has been absolutely destroyed by netizens and volunteers of previous SEA Games hostings.

Obviously, some level of logistical and technical issues are unavoidable for sporting events of this scale. That does not excuse them and that does not mean that they shouldn’t be addressed. But the hyper-critical stance still being pushed by When in Manila and its cohorts is obviously not about the Games. It’s about politics, agendas, and other spoiled things.

The people are tired of being forcefed this narrative of the country’s supposed failures and they’re taking to social media to voice this.

As the kids say these days, When In Manila is #cancelled.

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