Newton’s Law

Newton’s Law

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The yellows are hollering that President Rody Duterte is showing dictatorial tendencies because he slugs it out with critics who bash him from sunrise to sunset.

Yes, among them those who clapped their hands when former President Cory Aquino filed a libel case against the late Louie Beltran and Max Soliven of the original Inquirer.
The line that got her goat? When Beltran wrote that she “hid under the bed” during the coup mounted by the RAM of now Sen. Greg Honasan.

Yes. Only because of that.

In contrast, President Duterte, only on his 11th month in office, is already the most maligned president ever but they want him to just suffer in silence while they rain insults on him.

The president, of course, has never been known to be anybody else’s lackey and so he slugs it out with them which is what they deserve anyway.

And so he gives them hell – whoever they are.

Chelsea Clinton, Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, Jose Ma. Sison, Sen. Leila de Lima, Sen. Antonio Trillanes, saboteur Agnes Callamard, the European Union, ex-President Barak Obama, ….

So which is dictatorial: President Duterte who prefers to engage in a repartee, or the late President Cory who swiftly filed a libel case that sent shivers down the spine of other critics?

We all know the consequences.

President Duterte opened himself to more verbal abuse. President Cory? The press was reduced to a whimpering and whining puppy. Would you believe they had the gall to christen her an icon of democracy even after she filed that libel case?

The problem with the yellows and their ilk is that they have been used to playing with the odds stacked in their favor that that they now find themselves groping because President Duterte just evened the odds.

He never said “don’t hit me”, which is obvious given the avalanche of bad press and tons of criticisms he is getting – most of them undeserved.

President Duterte does not honor every argument he is invited to. Obviously, however, he won’t allow those who have a lot to answer to the Filipino people to get away unscathed.

Call him as many lousy names as you can, but the man never runs away from a fight – certainly not against those who have been sheltered, pampered and buttered up all their lives.

Unfortunately for many who think too highly of themselves, they should have taken Newton’s third law seriously – specially when it concerns President Rody.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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