Not forever

Not forever

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That describes the filing of the supplemental affidavit of Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Rep. Gary Alejano before the International Criminal Court.
The predicate had been laid months earlier so nearly everybody saw it coming. Nearly everybody except those who insist that there is no yellow plot to unseat President Rodrigo Duterte at all cost.

The timing, of course, is understandable.

The Maute rebellion in Marawi has been, from all intents and purposes, crushed. President Duterte is about to taste his first major victory in the battlefield.

Trillanes, Alejano and their ilk just can’t allow that to happen hence the desperate move. Somehow, they were hoping to steal the thunder by that publicity gimmick.

By this time, only the yellow cult is unconvinced the President did the right thing when he rushed home from his state visit in Russia after declaring Martial Law in Mindanao.

The savage war in Marawi is there for all to see so majority of Filipinos agree that President Duterte’s Martial Law declaration is valid. Of course, again with the exception of the anti-democracy forces who want to impose the rule of the minority on the overwhelming majority.

There are people like Sen. Risa Hontiveros who, in spite of the death toll and the damage wrought about by the fighting, still insist that what the Mautes did does not constitute rebellion.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe,” said Albert Einstein.
Like Einstein, Hontiveros is, ah… not sure about what’s happening in Marawi.

The arrest of the Maute patriarch along with five others in a checkpoint in Davao City also validated the coverage of the Mindanao-wide Martial Law declaration.

Again, only those who are, well, not sure like Hontiveros will insist that the declaration does not have to include other parts of Mindanao.
The brains arrogantly plotting the extrajudicial ouster of President Duterte had long assumed that he was just a “probinsyano” who does not know his way around the corridors of power.

It will not take long before he will be forced to step down due to the orchestrated onslaught by the “disente” crowd.

They assumed wrong and are paying a high price for their arrogance.

The President continues to enjoy high ratings while the institutions that have conspired against him are disintegrating.

For too long, a handful of people played god with the lives of millions of Filipinos. Unfortunately for them, their time is up.

False gods are not forever.

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