OFWs celebrate new OWWA Deputy Administrator Mocha Uson

OFWs celebrate new OWWA Deputy Administrator Mocha Uson

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Mocha Uson, a longtime OFW supporter, has been appointed as the new Deputy Administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). The move has been praised by OFWs, who feel they have one more ally in the government.

OFWs and Netizens have expressed their sincere congratulations to Uson since the news of her appointment broke yesterday. Here are just a few of the hundreds of positive comments left in OFW groups and pages.

OFWs are one of the most vulnerable communities of Filipinos. They are often at the mercy of abusive employers, shady agencies, and unstable job contracts. These issues have prompted President Duterte himself to call for a Department of OFWs to be established to cater to the unique concerns of the growing OFW population. This is supported by a number of legislators, like Senator Bong Go and Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano. However, until then, the currently existing agencies dedicated to serving OFWs need to be strengthened.

There has been an “Article” from a “news” outlet, one orange-colored cancer, which said that netizens disagreed with the appointment. We’ll include a screenshot of the article, but really, what is more important? The voices of mema naysayers with lined pockets, or OFWs?

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