On BBC’s drug war documentary

On BBC’s drug war documentary

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So have you guys seen the BBC documentary that’s making the rounds now? The one that fairly depicts the reality of Duterte’s drug war?
This is me with the host and producer Jonathan Head of the BBC. Jonathan and I met for a chat and dinner many months ago, when he was in the PH to do the story. (He’s based in Thailand with his wife and kid.)

Sa mga nagtatanong bakit hindi ako nag e-FB live, this is one example (aside from the fact that I don’t consider myself a blogger, just an opinionated person who found herself with followers.)

I tried to swallow my overwhelming fear, face and conquer it, of public and on-cam speaking because I wanted to tell my story of why I supported Duterte. I wanted to fight for truth.

So Jonathan sat me down, and I literally and agonizingly fumbled and stuttered through my 30-minute interview. I was fully conscious of the camera and the lights and I spaced out. He traveled a long way to meet me at MY convenience (because I told him I was busy and couldnt meet in Makati) and I gave him a bad interview 🙁

Ending, my interview is not part of the documentary, probably because it is not usable. Nag effort pa naman ako mag kilay.
When we had dinner, I was more machika because I was relaxed, and I would like to think–that even if I wasn’t part of that documentary because of my paralyzing fear of cameras,–that I was able to accurately portray and explain to Jonathan the real situation on the ground (in which I told him about my brother (in law) who I grew up with who was a victim of “EJK”–in Pnoy’s time and our failed efforts to get the police to help because “malaking tao” daw ang binabangga namin–oo, may pinaghuhugutan ako, hindi lang puro feelings and one day I will talk about it, I haven’t yet on my own wall).

This, I’d like to think, may be one of the many reasons why this documentary is fairer and more accurate than the others that have come out.

So kahit na I ended in the cutting room floor, I think I was able to do my goal of making him understand our side, to show him where we’re coming from.

(Or puwede ring assuming lang ako.)

If you havent, please watch the documentary here:

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