On Lascañas’ sudden turnaround: ‘Kumita na ‘yan’

On Lascañas’ sudden turnaround: ‘Kumita na ‘yan’

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SPO3 Arturo Lascañas has a lot more explaining to do than he is aware of.

His fantastic tale that then-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordered the bombing of mosques (plural, according to him) and his claim that he is one of the leaders of the so-called Davao Death Squad just lined him up for a prison term.

Lascañas’ admission makes him answerable for at least two criminal activities.

And yet, the strange thing is that the anti-Duterte fanatics are quick to absolve him of these two crimes because they are after the President’s neck.

With his admission of these criminal acts, Lascañas has all but negated a long-winding trial and should be convicted at once.

As for his claims against President Rody which turned out to be the chapter 2 of the discredited Leila de Lima witness, that can wait.

First, Lascañas will have to answer for his perjured testimony during that hearing where he vehemently denied the clown’s testimony.

Since Lascañas himself virtually admitted he lied the first time where he denied not only his involvement but also the existence of the DDS, what assurance is there that he is not lying again?

Lascañas’ confession of his participation in the DDS, which he previously denied, should not be left hanging. He should be made accountable for his participation in the killings.

It’s not the same thing with the bombings because while he alleged that they were divided into three groups, only one bombing has been recorded.

As to the perjury charges, Lascañas is already liable for the first testimony which he now denies. He may yet be liable for this one once it is again proven to be fiction like the tale of the clown he has denied under oath.

Lascañas cannot just be cleared of the criminal acts he has confessed to simply because he implicated President Rody. There is no law to support that stupid logic.

There are those who theorize that this is intended to divert attention away from the impending arrest of Senator Leila de Lima. That is one possibility.

Others say this is part of the February 25 plot to unseat President Rody. That is also another possibility.

Unfortunately for them, most Filipinos have grown tired of bad scripts that no longer sell. As the jaded neighborhood philosopher would say, “kumita na ‘yan.”

As to Matobato and Lascañas, he would probably say: “Sa presinto na kayo magpaliwanag!”

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