Opposition shocked that no OTSO DIRETSO bets make Magic 12, despite them always losing the surveys

Opposition shocked that no OTSO DIRETSO bets make Magic 12, despite them always losing the surveys

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In a feat of amazing denial, liberal party supporters, particularly those of bets under the Otso Diretso coalition, are spending the day after the elections in shock over none of their bets winning, despite every survey leading up to Monday’s polls placing none of the Otso candidates anywhere near the Magic 12.

As usual, the liberal party supporters are consoling themselves by proclaiming Philippine democracy dead, joking about leaving the country (which they can afford to do), and showing their xenophobia by making the tired ‘we’ll all just be a province of China’ jabs.

While many Otso Diretso bets have followed this election’s surprising trend of bowing out and conceding with grace, their supporters seem hellbent on finding some excuse for none of their candidates winning. All of the Manila left is in the first stage of grief (Denial) and it’s polluting twitterfeeds across the nation.

Sadly, it seems like there is no hope for these hopeless, delusional elitists. As seen in the campaign period, the liberal party and their supporters have no issue with clinging to the same rhetoric they used in 2016 and dying with it even.

Three years into the Duterte administration with no satisfaction rating dropping below ‘Good’ and the liberals still think that Filipinos just need to be educated and have the veil lifted from their eyes. It may just be the largest case of mass denial in world history.

May we hope that this time they can stop being so dramatic and start learn to accept that defeat is part of democracy.

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