Our very own Justice League

Our very own Justice League

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So I told you a week ago that our beloved country is, as UNICEF calls us, ‘the global epicenter of live-stream sexual abuse trade of children’. And too, we are among the top sources of the world’s scum for online child porn.

In other words, we pimp our own flesh and blood to the world’s scum, sacrificing our best resource on the altar of the lucrative business of child porn.

And it’s not just the parents who have pimped their own children but other sectors who have made this pimping not just possible but as easy as a walk in the park.

And I told you this and we were ALL enraged—pulling our hair in grief and despair at the shit we’ve become. If the measure by which we judge a society is by the way it cares and protects its most innocent, most helpless, then we have failed. BIG TIME.

But on my first month as public servant, I learned of this group—the Inter-Agency Council Against Child Porn (IACACP)–our very own Justice League!– and as part of my job at the DSWD, I head it.

So I got to sit with them yesterday—representatives from the 12 line agencies and 3 NGOs that compose it (the CHR, DOJ, Council for the Welfare of Children, DOLE, DOST, DICT, NBI, NTIC, OMB, Phil Center for Transnational Crime, PNP, Stairway Foundation, International Justice Mission).

And I just needed to tell you how much I love my job. LOVE IT.

I basically, do the same things I did before—hold the children in my protective embrace and advocate for them. Only this time, I have the full backing of our government—with all its resources and manpower. And I get to say to concerned government agencies, “Do your job.” with a bit more weight than if I were not a public servant.

And I get a whole crack team to work with—to swing that pendulum in favor of our children—to correct grievous errors that have made of our children a living sacrifice to the neglect and indifference and greed of some sectors in our society.

Send us good vibes and I hope you kapit-bisig with us so we can give our children the kind of protection they need from a world that tries to deny them their childhood.

On my first month in government, I have learned what democracy truly is: power that emanates from the people.

There is so much a clean and effective government can do for you—and you must demand this of us. But with you linking arms with us, we’d be FORMIDABLE. And I believe there is nothing we cannot achieve if we kapit-bisig.


Have an awesome day!

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