Overseas Filipinos take the lead in pushing for oust Trillanes petition

Overseas Filipinos take the lead in pushing for oust Trillanes petition

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Much like they did during the presidential campaign of then mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Filipinos overseas are once again trooping online to make their voices heard. But unlike in 2016 when there was a lot of positive energy as moved closer and closer to victory, this time there is a mood of somber determination as Filipinos all over the globe have come together to call for the ouster Antonio’s Trillanes from the senate.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION: Sen. Gordon must immediately file complaint vs Trillanes with the Senate Ethics Committee

This comes after Sen. Richard Gordon finally had his fill of Trillanes’ theatrics and said he would file a complaint with the senate ethics committee.

According to Gordon, “when (Trillanes)  fails to get what he wants, he would accuse everyone of being in a conspiracy against him. Then he would make all kinds of accusations or allegations about those who went against him to discredit them.

The first time that a similar circumstance arose, I forgave him after he went to my office to apologize. But now the time for talking is over.”

Echoing Gordon’s frustration and anger, Filipinos all over the world have signed a Change.org petition asking for the Trillanes’ ouster. The petition, which was started by the Mindavote organization, has so far garnered sixty eight thousand signatures.

“Mr. Idiot Trillanes is using the senate as his propaganda venue and as a tax payer I have a right to question why the senate (is) wasting money and time to discuss an issue without fact and solid proof. Nakakahiya sa buong mundo na ang senate natin ngayon kahit chismis pa lang ay paggagastusan na ng milyon-milyung pera at oras,” says Joebert Caballes from Doha, Qatar.

From Geneva, Switzerland Ruel Piquero says that he signed the petition because Trillanes is “focusing only the side of Duterte’s family to destroy” and he doesn’t care with what’s happening in the country.

And even from the small country of Trinidad and Tobago, sentiment towards Trillanes ran hot. May Amor Pabalate says, “I am fed up with the mayhem in the senate that this arrogant idiot (Trillanes) has been doing.”

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