Payback time

Payback time

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All the bad press and the destabilization moves lead to the inevitable conclusion that nothing less than the removal of President Rodrigo Duterte will satisfy those involved in them. It has little to do with the issues they are raising against the President but the ultimate goal that they intend to pursue to completion.

As has been pointed out many times, the yellow cult and those funding them refuse to accept the fact that the election is now more than a year away and that their fair-haired boy lost badly.

After garnering 16 million votes (21 in fact according to some estimates), President Duterte has galvanized the nation, winning over the objective and the open-minded to his side.

This has resulted in an 80 percent excellent rating notwithstanding the non-stop barrage from the yellow cult and the defenders of the status quo.

President Duterte has captivated the imagination not only of Filipinos here and abroad but also the international community save for the tentacles of capitalism and big business who continue to foment disorder and chaos.

The dismissal of the impeachment case filed by yellow lackeys in the House of Representatives is one cause for celebration, no doubt about it.

But without trying to rain on the parade, it won’t stop there because, as pointed out earlier, nothing less than the removal of President Duterte will satisfy the forces of destabilization.

This must not be allowed to go on.

As some coaches advocate, the best defense is offense.

The impending release of the Napoles list will hound all those included in it for the rest of their lives. Not all of those appearing in the list are guilty, but disproving it will entail so much.

Those who are truly concerned with the country will do their best to clean their names. This will separate them from those who rightfully deserve the scorn for their inclusion in the hall of shame.

And then there is the investigation on the MRT-LRT scams. Ultimately, this will take us home to where the stench comes from.

Nobody can say President Duterte wanted this to happen. The man, as everybody can see, is too engrossed in the multitude of problems he inherited to be obsessed with his critics to go after them much like the Aquino administration went after GMA and Chief Justice Renato Corona.

As we can see though, there is a higher law at work, one which is far above human manipulation and engagement. Call it karma, call it divine justice, or whatever suits you.

Whatever name it comes, what is clear is that it’s payback time.

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