Pia Ranada’s obsession with Sec. Martin Andanar hits new low

Pia Ranada’s obsession with Sec. Martin Andanar hits new low

By Carlos Munda

- in Opinion

Not one to miss an opportunity to take a swipe at the present administration, anti-Duterte blogger Pia Ranada of the digital-only website Rappler has once again pulled the proverbial rabbit out of her ass in another effort to embarrass her nemesis, Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar.

In another one of her trademark ‘editorial-masquerading-as-an-in-depth-investigative-report’ pieces, Ranada makes a strained comparison between Andanar’s foreign trips and those of dismissed government junketers, Terry Ridon of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor and Marcial Amaro of the Maritime Industry Authority.

Ranada’s long and factually-challenged article takes potshots at Andanar for his foreign travels, which she repeatedly tries to frame in the context of Malacañang’s directive against excessive trips abroad. But while her painstakingly woven a web of “evidence” has the appearance of solidity, it all falls apart in the face of one simple fact – six of the ten Andanar trips that she listed were not paid for using government funds. Unlike those of Ridon and Amaro’s, which were mostly paid for by their offices.

This simple fact alone should have made this “issue” a non-starter from the beginning. But then again, this was never really about the trips. Diba Pia? This – and every other anti-Duterte piece you ever wrote – is all about you getting back at Andanar for his refusal to play the game according to how you and your bosses at Rappler say it should be played.

The truth of it, or at least a large part of the truth, is that you still can’t get over the fact that Rappler, the Malacañang Press Cartel, corporate mainstream media are no longer as powerful as they once were. You lash out at Andanar because he is an easy target. And because he is just too much of a gentleman to do what needs to be done – which is to kick the lot of you out for being the whiny, entitled, lazy, assholes that you truly are. You and Harry Roque deserve each other.

To top it all off, you don’t even have the balls to say what you really mean. You hide behind your coy accusations and selective presentation of data. You cherry pick information to suit your narrative, but when someone calls you out for it you pull out the “journalist” card to justify your unbalanced criticisms of this administration.

As if being a “journalist” somehow makes you immune to self-serving motives. As if a being a “journalist” automatically imbues one with integrity. Or smarts, for that matter. Well, here’s a news flash for you Pia – it doesn’t. Your press card notwithstanding, dumb is as dumb does. Eternally and forever.

And in case it still hasn’t dawned on you (which in all likelihood it hasn’t), you and your cohorts are as one-sided as the Duterte bloggers you despise so much. Except that of course we freely embrace who we are. Which probably explains why people like us, and hate the crap out of you. I guess being truthful about your motives does help with your credibility, go figure.

You see the most dangerous thing about you guys at Rappler isn’t that you’re biased, rather it’s that you remain stubbornly unaware that you are. Despite countless evidence to the contrary – including that ridiculously asinine fund raiser that blew up in your face – you continue to hold to your version of reality. The one where you’re the only one who’s right, and everyone else who disagrees with you is either wrong, stupid, retarded, a troll, or a bot.

So Pia, the sooner you realize that it is this attitude – not Duterte, and certainly not Andanar – that was the downfall of the once exalted Rappler, the better it will be for all of you. But then again, it’s probably too late. So go ahead, take your best shot. Go down swinging. At least you can tell your grandkids that you were a “journalist” once.

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