Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger unfollow each other on Instagram, again

Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger unfollow each other on Instagram, again

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Just a few weeks ago, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and her on-and-off again Marlon Stockinger shared in an interview how little more than a sorry is needed to mend most misunderstandings in their relationship. But just a few days ago, the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. Either someone isn’t swallowing their pride and apologizing or there’s more to the issue than just a misunderstanding between them. Fans are dismayed at the power couple seemingly being on the outs, especially on the heels of their June 20 interview where they revealed the power of sorry. That interview itself actually followed a rough patch in the relationship. The fast pace of being on and off is probably leaving some fans with emotional whiplash, or others unable to keep up with their current status.

This isn’t the first time Wurtzbach and Stockinger’s speculated relationship drama has played out on Instagram. In 2016, the pair unfollowed each other in July 2017, few months after Stockinger faced allegations of being the father of ex-girlfriend Kit Barraquias’ twins. On that incident, Stockinger told reporters that he and Wurtzbach are just enjoying each other’s company, without the need to display it on social media.

“I think we are just keeping it private. It’s always good to show everything, a lot a bit in the beginning but what matters is the two of us in the end behind closed doors,” he said. However, just a month later the pair deleted pictures of each other from their social media platforms.

The couple made up and were seen in public together again, but ran into choppy waters in March of this year with the release of Wurtzbach’s film ‘My Perfect You’. In the romantic comedy drama, Wurtzbach stars opposite Gerald Anderson. This time, it was some Instagram beef with Anderson’s partner Bea Alonzo which sparked speculation. Alonzo deleted photos from her account that had Anderson or Wurtzbach, leading fans to speculate as to what could be the trigger.

As for this round of Insta-drama, the timing comes just a few days after Wurtzbach posed in a photo with K-pop idol Siwon Choi of Super Junior. Wurtzbach has tweets dating back to 2009 expressing her adoration for Siwon. It’s unclear whether this is just a coincidence and entirely unrelated to the unfollowing

In this day and age, who you choose to keep on your feeds speaks volumes about your relationships and opinions of people. An unfollow may sever the online connection, but it actually communicates a lot to both the person in question and to anyone else who notices. But with this twisted history, the pair may soon make up in person and on Instagram, it’s hard to tell for sure. In any case thank goodness for the archive function so they can restore the photos if and when they ever want to.

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