Politics behind case versus Duterte filed with the International Criminal Court

Politics behind case versus Duterte filed with the International Criminal Court

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Ok, just in case you haven’t already heard, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s political opponents have gone and done it – they have filed a case against him with the International Criminal Court. Alleging, among others, that he is the mastermind for thousands of people being killed in the Philippines since he took office in June 2016.

While the lawyer who filed the case, an attention-deficient shmuck whose name I wouldn’t even waste a keystroke on was long on accusations, the charges as a whole has about a snow balls chance in hell of proceeding any further. This is because the ICC’s own guidelines on complementarity states that it will only prosecute an individual “if the state is unwilling or unable to prosecute.”

Based on this criteria, the legal luminaries of the ICC must reject this whole thing for the political farce that it is. Simply put, if there is anything Duterte’s political opponents have shown that they are more than willing and capable of doing it is to try and prosecute him.

The ICC shouldn’t be duped by constant whining by those fucking crybabies, Leila De Lima, Sonny Trillanes, Kiko Pangilinan, Bambam Aquino, and Leni Robredo. The fact is these allegations against Duterte have been investigated ad infinitum, ad nauseaum since 2009. For fuck’s sake, De Lima herself conducted two – count them TWO – of those investigations. First when she was head of the Commission on Human Rights, then again as Secretary of Justice.

The fact that all their efforts have not resulted in an outcome that is even remotely favorable to their ambitions is as much a testament to Duterte’s innocence, as it is to the Liberal Party’s pathological incompetence. Neither of which really matters as far as the ICC is concerned since the same complementarity principle applies regardless of the outcome of proceedings conducted by the state.

So even if an investigation is closed without any criminal charges being filed, such as what had been previously done by De Lima, et al, versus Duterte, the ICC will not prosecute so long as the national proceedings were legitimate. And what can be more legitimate than having the resources of the entire Aquino government at your disposal?

This being the case, the important question then that must be asked – presuming the aforementioned attention-deficient lawyer who filed isn’t a complete and utter idiot – is that, why the hell would they even file the case knowing that it will ultimately be junked?

First, there’s tunnel vision. As early as a month into the Duterte presidency the issue of raising charges with the ICC has been floated around by the losing political opposition as a means of getting back into power. It is clearly a case of wanting something for so long, and so badly that they are willing to ignore everything else, risk even the stability of the nation that they so piously claim to represent, simply because they have managed to convince themselves that they are right, and everyone who doesn’t agree with them are wrong.

Second, blind political ambition. Leila de Lima herself has long been wet-dreaming about how the Liberal Party would recruit their clueless allies abroad to help them in butt-fucking the Philippines in some sort of kinky political ménage-a-trois. While they continue to present their case as a principled fight for the good of the Filipino people, they conveniently omit the fact that they – and not Duterte – are the ones who are creating instability in the Philippines. Something that all the surveys have shown the people are very much aware of, resulting in a universal drop in the popularity and support of those opposing Duterte’s reforms.

Third, window-dressing and propaganda. Yup, notwithstanding the fact that this will hardly cause a dent in the popularity of President Duterte among his tens of millions of supporters, his opponents are willing to create a fuss and risk the reputation of the Philippines in the international community just to score political brownie points. In all likelihood, this is actually what they are hoping for. Their best scenario projection – that the Philippine economy will tank as a result of their actions. With the people as collateral damage.

Fourth, stupidity, stupidity, and even more stupidity. While I gave the caveat that we have to assume the lawyer who filed was not an idiot, the same can not be said of Duterte’s political opponents. Who are certainly imbeciles whose political careers hinge on convincing people who are patently more stupid than they are to continue voting them into office.

These idiots, led by De Lima, Aquino, Robredo, Trillanes, Pangilinan – oh, and let’s not forget Risa Hontiveros, Frank Drilon, and Mar Roxas, are so fucking dense that they have not yet been able to grasp the simple fact that everyone really just hopes they would make like old shit – dry up and blow away. Despite the overwhelming hatred being poured on their sorry asses day after day, on social media, in the polls, and on every opportunity that people are given to express their opinions – these assholes cling on, like some mutant barnacle, to the idea that they are still somehow relevant to the national discussion.

So here’s the thing. We – and I am talking to the majority of the rational people in this country – must disabuse these LP leeches of their delusions. We have to take it upon ourselves, roll up those sleeves, tie our hair back, and bitch-slap these pussies until they choke on their own insignificance.

We can do this by making sure that no yellow candidate, no matter what political position in any corner of the country, will win in 2019. Least of all in the senate. Prime targets are Aquino and Roxas, who rumors have it is preparing for a senate run after having his candy-ass handed to him on a platter by Duterte.

Some of you might be asking, but what has this got to do with the ICC case?

Well, everything.

The case they filed, like everything that the Liberal Party has been doing, is politically motivated. And it is only through political annihilation that we will once and for all be able to rid the country of their menace. They have been allowed to run the government to the ground long enough. Thirty years of nothing. Thirty years of empty promises. Thirty years of destitution for the 90 percent of Filipinos, while they and their allies enriched themselves.

Well fuck that. Time to take back what’s ours. Time to decimate the Liberal Party and kick them fuckers out for good. In 2019, repeat after me – NO TO LEECHES. NO TO LP.

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