President Duterte to Mar Roxas: “You are nothing to me”

President Duterte to Mar Roxas: “You are nothing to me”

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Speaking at PDP-Laban’s campaign rally in Isabela province, President Duterte expressed sheer savagery lambasting his 2016 presidential elections rival for having no loyalty or principles; highlighting Mar Roxas served posts in three different administrations yet accomplished barely anything. The President also mentioned that Roxas’ family name does not make him a good person, which is a fair estimation, by all means.

“Just because you are a namesake of a Roxas eh mahusay ka. Itong tao na’to walang loyalty ito. Panahon ni Arroyo, nandiyan siya. Panahon ni Aquino, nandun siya. Wala ito. Pretends to be somebody. Tao na walang prinsipyo,” he said.

Roxas, the grandson former President Manuel Roxas and son of former Senator Gerry Roxas, was first appointed to head the Department of Trade and Industry in 2000 by then President Joseph Estrada. He served the Department of Transportation and Department of Interior and Local Government in the time of President Arroyo.

President Duterte continued, “Nakagawa ba sya maski bridge? Naging secretary ng DOTC, naging DILG.. walang naiwan… You are nothing to me. I can even shoot you for free,”

“Mar Roxas I kill people for money, but since you are nothing, I will shoot you for free,” he added.

A day after the President made these comments, Roxas retorted, “My loyalty is to the people and to the Filipino nation. If I was called for and I could contribute, why not?”

Mar Roxas seems to think that like former president Noynoy Aquino, he deserves a seat as Senator simply because of his last name. He also seems to have forgotten his crushing loss in the 2016 presidential race against Duterte and that the people for crying out for less of him and his family, and not more. Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party fancy themselves as the vanguards of the “right” way, and not the remnants of old corrupt ways that the public are fighting against.

Duterte was elected on his reputation of his no-bullshit politics. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade, or in this case, call an idiot an idiot. Despite how well connected this particular idiot might be.

Last week, President Duterte also had some choice words for Roxas, saying he should just be a traffic aide, in reference to a viral video showing the latter directing traffic; although millions of Filipino netizens might disagree with the President based on how well Roxas did when he tried this stunt.

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