On President Duterte’s rape joke

On President Duterte’s rape joke

by Krizette Laureta Chu

- in Opinion

I support Duterte and what he does for the government, but I think he needs to be reminded by people close to him that his alpha male jokes with the military regarding rape are not acceptable.

He should be called out for that, because he is the President and he needs to understand that rape jokes are very offensive.

The Australian woman’s “Dapat ako ang nauna” was horrifying enough–although I understood the careless remark and what it meant during the time.

Him telling the military however that if they rape women and “ako ang bahala” is something I find inexcusable.

Dear President Duterte, I love you, but please stop with the rape jokes. You are offending even some of your own women supporters. You are better than that, and that joke was completely unnecessary.

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