Pulse Asia poll results confirm Bong Go’s top 3 ranking in Senate race

Pulse Asia poll results confirm Bong Go’s top 3 ranking in Senate race

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Former SAP Bong Go attending a medical and dental mission for victims of Typhoon 'Ompong'.Image from pna.gov.ph

Pulse Asia reported today that former Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go has risen to 3rd to 5th place in the latest Senatorial race survey results. The research polling body released results on March 18 that shows 53% of survey respondents would vote for Go at the time the survey was conducted which was between February 24 to February 28.

In early March, the polling firm Social Weather Stations allegedly released results that had said Bong Go received 47% of approval ratings and claimed a similar position at 3rd place. However, the SWS disowned the supposed senatorial race survey results only a day after they were originally reported.

SWS President reportedly lashed out at outlets who reported the alleged results saying, “It is unethical for you to use anything that is not on our website. Do not gratify propagandists who cannot back up their claims. Ask whoever released it to justify the release; whoever publishes something is legally bound to conform to COMELEC full-disclosure rules on election survey publication.”

The succeeding reactions to this statement inevitably created a false narrative that pro-administration camps released the news to falsely bump up the confidence in Go’s chances to land in the top 3. The May 13 elections are less than two months away and yet some organizations cannot help but scratch their heads at the fact that someone who is heavily endorsed by President Rodrigo Duterte is running a successful campaign and gaining the people’s trust.

It is curious how the current administration’s detractors, the people who are no longer being catered to by the Liberal Party yellows, react to any reports like these. They insist on seeing red whenever someone disagrees with their beliefs. In their heads Bong Go is an incompetent suck-up who caters to the “evil Duterte’s” tendencies. They refuse to believe that the former Special Assistant to the President might be a genuine good guy after all.

In a recent interview, Bong Go mentioned that he it would be much better if his supporters would use funds intended for his campaign materials for construction materials, like plywood, and other relief goods for fire victims. He has been relentless in his convictions, insisting on visiting fire victims, helping them out despite his busy campaign schedule. He has also urged his supporters not to post campaign materials in unauthorized areas despite his disparagers’ belief that it is part of his M.O.

“Mas importante sa akin ang makatulong at makapagserbisyo sa tao, higit pa sa pangangampanya,” he said.

“Clean and honest elections have always been the trademark of the President even when he was still mayor of Davao City and it will be the hallmark of this administration. At saan man ako dalhin ng tadhana, manalo man o hindi, lalaban tayo ng patas at naaayon sa batas,” he added.


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