#RealNumbersPH of Our Drug War

#RealNumbersPH of Our Drug War

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
Unlike Colombia, the Philippines is winning its drug war because it has a President Duterte and not a President Gaviria leading it.
For the first time in Philippine history, an all out inter-agency cooperative anti-drug campaign was launched. This encompasses the arrest, rehabilitation and prevention of this social, economic and physical disease that burgeoned and thrived during the corrupt PNoy administration protected by its SoJ De Lima, and other narcopoliticians and narcocops.
The numbers are staggering and so is the success of the Duterte administration in slowly turning the tide on the narcotics trade in the Philippines. It is time that mainstream media use the #realnumbersph in our drug war and stop spreading imagined figures created by lying Philippine news outlets and corrupt politicians.
Use the truth. Stop the lies. In the drug war history of the world, the Philippines is leading the pack towards successfully stopping this global menace.

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