Record breaking number of Filipinos see hope in 2018

Record breaking number of Filipinos see hope in 2018

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2018 is off to a great start as a whopping 96% of adult Filipinos, an all time high, are entering 2018 with hope rather than fear. This is according to the Fourth Quarter 2017 Social Weather Survey conducted on December 8-16, 2017.

This surpassed the previous record of 95% achieved in 2002, 2011, and 2016.

The high hopes of Filipinos is a reflection of the new sense of urgency in government to fix many of the ills that have been plaguing the nation for decades. Poor infrastructure, an incompetent bureaucracy, corruption, crime, and apathy among the highest circles of the country’s political leadership. These are just some of the demons that the Duterte administration is fighting hard to exorcise. And by all accounts, appear to be successful.

But this isn’t to say that the struggle is over. Not by a long shot. The enemies of change remain strong and entrenched in the loftiest towers of our society. With many of them even taking the guise of being an ally of the President. Snakes in the grass just waiting for the opportunity to strike and spread their poison.

In this regard, it falls on the people particularly those who fought for Duterte to be in this position, to remain not just hopeful, but vigilant. They must have the courage not just to dream, but to fight to make it a reality.

This means taking many of the burdens of change on their shoulders. We cannot rely solely on the strength of a 72 year old man to carry the weight of the entire country. We also have to do our part by becoming better citizens.

Discipline, patriotism, respect of the laws, and an abiding faith in God and the goodness of our countrymen are all necessary to make this happen.

Hoping for a better future is a good start, but now we need to move beyond hope and into concrete action. 2018 is the year we all join President Duterte in making our country great again.

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