Robber shot dead by off-duty cop

Robber shot dead by off-duty cop

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A robber was shot dead by an off-duty police officer along EDSA past midnight on April 4, 2017.

The story was told by Faceboook user “Din,” who said he witnessed the incident.

In his post, Din said he boarded a bus in Cubao, Quezon City for Sta. Maria, Bulacan at 1:50 a.m.

At 2:11 a.m., he heard a gunshot from the back of the bus, and when he turned to look he saw a man with a .38 caliber revolver declaring a holdup.

He said the robber ordered the bus driver to keep driving. The conductor then moved towards the front of the bus, telling people they were being robbed.

Din said it was then that the man seated beside him — whom he later identified as Senior Police Officer (SPO)2 Joselito Lantano — pulled out a gun, stood up, announced that he was a police officer, and shot the robber twice.

Wounded, the robber still tried to point his gun at the conductor, prompting the police officer to fire at him again, killing him.

Din said the police officer ordered everyone on the bus to stay seated or risk being shot, apparently suspecting that the dead robber had companions inside.

The officer then instructed the bus driver to stop if he sees other police officers on the highway.

Din said when the bus stopped they were allowed to go down, with the police officers searching each person.

He said two other robbers were arrested after being pinpointed by passengers.

Read Din’s account of the incident:

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